What Learnedy can do for you!

“Learnedy: Diagnose – Practice – Re-test” is an educationally useful online diagnosis and learning platform for English and mathematics in the early and elementary school years. Success in three steps: educational diagnosis, individual program with exercises for practicing and regular re-testing.

Learnedy is a sophisticated educational program for diagnosing and practicing that has been developed over the past 20 years. Our international research team sets the bar very high to design comprehensive and useful learning programs. 

What Learnedy is all about:

  • Every child has its own learning speed.
  • Every child should be supported exactly where he or she needs assistance.
  • With a simple screening, the learning level of the child is determined.
  • From this, a diagnosis is obtained in a graphic representation. You can see at one glance where to start instruction.
  • Explanatory aids for parents, educators, tutors, and other specialists are included.
  • Our sophisticated software creates an individual training program with specifically chosen exercises.
  • Depending on the results, the time required to complete the exercises is individually different.
  • After a few days/weeks, the personal learning level is determined again.
There are no restrictions for the learners. Different exercises allow the learner to master particular skills.
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